Life is beautiful; life is challenging; life is short. Each of us will have a very different experience of life but many of us will ask the same questions: What is the meaning of life? Will my life have meant anything after I'm gone? Will I even be remembered?

This blog is a collection of musings on the meaning of life and offers suggestions for leading a fulfilling, meaningful and memorable life.


Who Offered You Light? (by Amanda Miu)

"For everyone of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out. The light doesn't always necessarily have to be in your family; for me it was teachers and school." Oprah Winfrey
You often hear of famous people crediting others for encouraging their early successes. Similar to Oprah's comment above, people speak about those mentors or role models that encouraged them on their life path or helped them to achieve their dreams. People like this - often teachers or grandparents - come from all walks of life and they must be the true heroes of this world. The people who encourage the young, at a most vulnerable time in their lives, to pursue what they love, to believe in themselves and to aspire to greater things.

If we are lucky, most of us do manage to stumble across great people who make a difference to our lives and encourage us forwards and upwards. I can think of a couple in my own life – grandparents who thought I was great, an English teacher who through her own passion inspired me to be a better student, an athletics coach who opened my eyes to the world and believed in my potential. Everyday heroes who promote the dreams of others and make an immeasurable difference.

Can you think of someone in your own life who made a difference?


  1. Personally the biggest areas of growth come form within. I read books, meet people etc who I think are good role models, but for me it is the points in my life where things need to change, that I take a gamble. This gamble takes faith, but as a result my environment is expanded. Good blog

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  3. Having great mentors is a must have i feel

  4. Hi! (If Dominic is reading this hopefully you'll remember me. It's Avery from over at RBU...which has sadly become a little spot of shiny history in the blogoverse. But I don't want to dwell on what was! Thought I'd tell you that I really liked this post. My father was a HUGE inspiration for me...when I was 10 I wrote a story called, "My father, my Superman" (for a contest when Superman came out) and I got a signed Superman picture from Christopher Reeves as Superman because I came in 100th place around the nation.

    He's the reason I'm here today at your blog because I wanted to let you know that I've published my first eBook and interestingly enough it's a story based off of a poem my father wrote many years ago...before I was ever born. It's a short story about an elderly woman & the driver who is taking her to her childhood home in Georgia one last time. Right now it's available through BookRix at but in a few days it'll be available through other outlets!

    I'm super excited about it so I've been popping over to visit the blogs of some old pals to let them know about it! I hope all is well with you and your family!

    L. Avery Brown :o)

  5. What if you never had a mentor?

  6. When you find yourself into a hard moment of your life, i think the best is to look for help everywhere you can, familly, friends, but also you have to hope. I have passed to this kind of situations and finally i managed to resolve my problems after 1 year of work..

  7. Loved the Oprah Quote.... Thanks!!

  8. You have a beautiful blog over here. I will make sure to follow it!

  9. I'm just looking for Meaning That's it